On this occasion, the National Theater in Nis informs the public that due to the epidemiological situation, it will cancel all performances in November, while on November 30 the Actors Poetry Evening will be held. As for the December repertoire, it will be announced on a weekly basis, when we expect the normalization of work.


The premiere of the show “Anna Karenina” has been postponed to the month of December, while the public will be informed about the exact date of the performance in a timely manner.


In the meantime, we continue with the activities of the theater. On November 24, work will begin on the play “The Miracle of St. George”, directed by Nikola Zavisic. It is an international project, a co-production of three theaters from Arad (Romania), Pleven (Bulgaria) and Nis.


The National Theater is working hard on the reconstruction of the interior of the building. After the new parquet and installed carpets, a new fire-fighting system was successfully installed and on this occasion we thank the City of Nis, NIS company and Teming Electrotechnology, which participated in the financing and thus contributed to better protection of employees and visitors of the National Theater in Nis.




National Theater in Nis

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