Tanasije Uzunović was born in Niš on September 25, 1942. He studied acting at the Academy for Theatre, Film and Television in Belgrade in the class of Professor Ljiljana Krstić. He performed on theater stages in Niš, Belgrade and Novi Sad.

At the age of twenty-one, he starred in his first professional role as Boško Jugović in the play Banović Strahinja by Borisav Mihajlović – Mihiz directed by Rajko Radojković at the National Theater in Niš on September 28, 1963. Shortly after his successful debut, on October 5, 1965, as Stojan, the son of Hadži Tomin, he returned to the stage of the National Theater in Niš in the premiere performance of the play Koštana, also directed by Rajko Radojković.

After thirty years, a rich and successful career both in the theater and in the film, he is happy to return to the stage of the National Theater of Niš, then already in the role of Mitket, Arsa’s brother, in the new staging of the play Koštana, premiered on April 17, 1993, directed by Branislav Mićunović.

In April 2004, he performed for the last time on the stage of the National Theater of Niš in the role of Laza Dunđerski, a rich landowner in the first premiere of the show Was There the Prince’s Dinner, written by Vida Ognjenović directed by Kokan Mladenović.

In 1967, he became a member of the Yugoslav Drama Theatre. Since 2002, he was a permanent member of the National Theater in Belgrade, where he worked until 2005, when he retired.

In his career, he has had several notable roles in TV dramas and films, including Steps Through the Mist, Misery, The Maiden’s Bridge, The Coach, The Man Who Should Be Killed, What’s Up With You Nina?, Storage Niš, Atoski Gardens, The Battle of Kosovo, The Gathering Center, The Scandal in the Roman Bank, and he last appeared in front of the Niš audience at the premiere of the documentary film the History of Niš.

He interpreted roles in numerous TV series such as Bitter Fruits, My Cousin from the Village, The Smell of Rain in the Balkans, Last Audience, Trace of Karađorđe, Aleksa Šantić and Return of the Unwritten.

He is the recipient of several awards, including the October and Steria awards and the Seal of the National Theater, which he received for his special contribution to the life and work of the National Theater (2021).

He died on March 10, 2023 in Belgrade.