Happy 135th year, dear everyone !!!
 135 years of the National Theater Nis
 (03/11/1887 – 03/11/2022)
Only 9 years after the annexation of Nis to the motherland and after almost five centuries of slavery under the Ottoman Empire, the National Theater of Nis began uninterrupted work (1887).  This data speaks about the consciousness and conscience of one environment about the importance of the institution and art of theater.
 At the same time, it is worth emphasizing the fact that the entire modern history of Serbia has proven its institutional, national and civic uniqueness in understanding with the theater.  It seems, not by chance, that the anthem of Serbia was created from a theater play.
 135 years of existence of theaters in Nis and Serbia, simply put, is a testimony to the civilizational progress of this society.  Any different opinion directly affects the military security of Serbia.
Spasoje Ž. Milovanović